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Your calling

When you find your calling, you will know. You are going to live breathe and be stimulated by it. Time will not matter. Money will not matter. You will be glowing in the essence of self. Gosh, how amazing.

I advise everyone to find their calling. My calling is to be a victim advocate volunteer.

"He who feels it knows it"......I speak from a place of understanding, so my connection is genuine to the people/ person I am defending.

Whenever we speak or advocate from a place of experience, it is delivered with passion and enthusiasm, thus captivating our audience and leaving them wanting to hear more.

Sensitive topics like rape, domestic violence, elderlly abuse and child abuse are not spoken about often enough because persons who experience these traumas are either too ashamed to talk about them or they are represented by someone who doesn't understand what they are going through and places little or no empathy towards them or their feelings.

When a representative advocates on these victims' behalf who is passionate and empathetic about their situation, they will have more trust and hope in that person, knowing that there will be Justice for them.  They will also be comfortable knowing that they are fully understood. Because that advocate had also endured that pain.

It took years to find my calling; I started in the medical field from the bottom up. At the bottom, I was going in the right direction, but my ego didn’t let me see this. I realized when I became a surgical technician that I was no longer on the right journey. I wasn’t connecting with the patient on a mental level. The pay was amazing, but I lacked passion and stimulation. Becoming an RN wasn't what I wanted either, this was an in-thing and I wanted to follow the crowd. It was not until I started helping others find the help they needed to start healing I started finding passion again.  I searched the internet for a name for what I was doing but couldn’t find one. I realized I had a passion for speaking up for others, and I started searching advocate, and that beautiful day I found the name victim advocate. I knew I was home; I knew this was it. I was not thinking about the money; I wanted to do this for free for the rest of my life. I knew the universe would take care of the rest.


My name is Raquel J Veronic McKenzie, and I am a victim advocate volunteer. This is one of the proudest moments of my life.

“I manifest healing

Without delay

Once I am in alignment

All my desire

Will come.

But I must first heal

From what is keeping me

From believing

I am deserving

I am worthy

I am enough

Once that blockage becomes unblocked

My receptiveness will open

To all that I am.”


© copyright 2023

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