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Healing can be vicious

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

The healing process can be vicious.



The Healing process can be vicious. It doesn't start with love and light.  I don't think a lot of us were prepared, for the shadow work. You can't escape it, by the way, it is necessary on your healing journey.

Avoiding the shadow work is like building your healing foundation on quicksand.

You are going to break, cry your eyes out, but keep going. It is going to be you against you, keep going. You are going lose interest in people places and things. You won't have energy for other people and it is not for them to understand.

You might end up with zero friends and family, keep going.

Let's talk about the accountable journey

You have to take accountability for your actions. This part of the journey can bring guilt and shame. You have to get to the root of each issue. You have to welcome the pain, guilt, and shame, then heal them and set them free without judgment. You have to forgive yourself, for what you allowed and how long you let it continues. 

You will have to face those triggering moments, cut the cords make peace with your past, and move on decisively. You will have to Process your trauma, then forgive and release. Healing is not easy but it is worth it. 


Healing has many layers, leading you to your authenticity. Let's talk about the separation briefly

There is no separation

What does this mean and where must it first begin? 


There is no separation, if there is a separation within, everything outside of you will be too. 

 How can you miss something you already have?

Obsessing or feeling a lock of, will only cause resistance, and blockage.

This is why healing any abandonment, attachment and controlling issues are important.

Let’s start with us. Everything and I means everything begins with us as an individual.

( the man in the mirror) 

 There is no such thing as a  separation of the mind, heart, and soul. If there is a disconnect, between these three you must go within and heal. 

 Your mind is power - there is no limit

Your heart is power - you are deserving

Your soul is power - it is the infinity you.

You do not have power, you are the power. 


All three must be in agreement with each other. You can not be in separation from any. 


For example; the holy trinity ( father, son, and the Holy Spirit) I am not saying they're the same, I am giving an example of the closest demonstration possible. 


And that is exactly how your mind body and soul must align. 


Your mind is your creator, your heart is the gateway to your spiritual mental, and emotional intelligence, and your soul the core of who you are. 


The mind, heart, and soul have three different meanings. Yet they are of one person and can not be separated mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.


If your mind keeps saying I am wordy, but your heart feels unworthy. What do you think will happen? The heart is like an electric compartment of the body .. it feels and sends out the signal of such. 


We must first build a grounded foundation from within us to attract what is rightfully ours. A balanced life is a happy life.  


Your heart has to be receptive to all that you desire.

Your mind is yours to create and your heart is yours to receive all that your soul knows was always yours.


Everything you desire is already yours. It Is not separated from you. You just have to be on the same level of frequency.

Mind believe ( create ) 

heart - feel  ( energy signal) 

soul-knowing ( your intuition ) 

You cannot find your blueprint for your healing journey on social media. It comes from within, “the knowing”, the higher self.

Toxic feelings from within attract the same outside. Heal, understand that you are worthy, believe it, feel it, and activate it.

Everything is on you.

You have to balance out your feeling and be grounded in who you are. 


Healing is hard work, isn't it? 


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