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Choosing To Heal During Every Adversity

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Why are we here?

I am not sure I know the answer to that, and that is okay. I know God is guiding my path and I am trusting the process, which can only lead to amazing fulfillment.

I am not religious, but I know undoubtedly there is a power, that is greater than myself. A power, that gives me life. A power that embodies me, with unconditional love. A power I call God, my Divine, the creator of all living things. We are all connected, there is no such thing as separation only fear which feeds us such lies.

The world is in so much fear, most of us believe there is no hope. That is so far from the truth. All you need to do is go within and heal which expelled fear and rebirth love.

There is no separation, regardless of our different beliefs. We are all connected, we are one connected to the same source. Yes, we have different beliefs, a different path we are all unique, regardless of our direction and purpose here on earth there is no separation. Your beliefs are yours, your blueprint for your personal journey which leads us back to the same source in the infinity process.

When we are connected to our raw self, we have a better relationship with our creator. We awake the essence of unconditional love. Love can never judge or control only fear can. Fear is a lie; love is the truth. Morales are lost in this world because we identify ourselves with things. Compassion is fading because the ego is rising.

True, without your darkness, you cannot find the light. The balance between both must be obtained. Too much of anything is not good, balance is essential for success.

Why are we here if Lucifer is the ruler of this world?

What gives?

Why is there an expiration date for the flesh?

Yet the soul is infinity.

Why when we enter this world our biggest battle is with the ego, which embodies fear? By killing the ego you gain the power to your true authentic self. Is the earth a version of heaven and hell in one?

Balance in all things is required. Indulge too much in the darkness and your flesh take control to indulge too much in self-righteousness and you miss the mark. Symmetry and fine delight of both day and night.

Knowledge is power, but power is power, you do not have power, you are the power.

Attitude is everything, only you have the power to control your destiny. Not religion, not astrology, not tarot cards readers, not a therapist, an energy healer, or a teacher. All these are on your path as a mirror of you, not your destiny.

The world is a wicked, place, you must take your position in your spirit to be protected physically. Everything happens in the spirit before manifested in the physical. This is a lesson I refused to learn until I was faced with one of my biggest adversities that almost cost me my life. I now come to appreciate that adversity; without it, my connection with God would never be this strong. A relationship with God that is now consistent in my daily life. I no longer make decisions without God's confirmation.

Let my life be an example, we all embody greatness. Stop devaluing yourself, stop clattering space with anger, hate and resentment. Let it go, free yourself, to become yourself.

Train your mind to see the good in all things. Let go of gossip and judgment of others and yourself.

Lesson to learn - Let’s talk about, why you are your own enemy.

Your darkness is a natural part of life, how you use it, is on you. Cutting people out of your life who disrespect you is cool and all, but you must also cut off the version of yourself that allowed it. This is what I mean when I say you have no enemies, but yourself. If you do not kill that version of yourself, you will continue to attract that energy into your life.

Notice the version of yourself you are when meeting people. I don’t care who that person is and their position in society. If at any point they are devaluing you, disrespecting you, cutting them off, and cutting off that version of you that attracts such a person in your life, is essential to closing this cycle.

Lesson to learn -You are going to meet people to help you on your healing journey, some will be temporary, and others will be for infinity. It all depends on the mirror version of why you meet.

Their beliefs and yours could be different, but there is something they’re knowledgeable in that you are not, or it can be the other way around. They're here to teach you or you teaching them regardless of how unpleasant or pleasant that lesson is. Understanding the assignment, by learning the lesson, can lead to blessings.

Lesson to learn -There are times people come into our lives to help us evolve and those can be the most unpleasant lessons, the betrayal the Judas kisses. As painful as those lessons are, they can unstuck us from our fears. If we stay stuck in pain, we continue a cycle, that will be repeated. Notice the patterns in your life that keep repeating.

Another lesson - Sometimes we look down on people who are here to help us elevate or we become intimidated by people who are supposed to help us but because of our ego, we lost that opportunity. That cycle will be repeated again and again by different people and places and lessons can become more difficult or less,

Another lesson - We sometimes hold people on such a pedestal we ignore our own power. We become so attached and dependable. This is when God has to step in and closed the door to remind us that we have the power within. They were here to teach us how to activate our own power and then leave. We get the intuition, that this journey is now ending but we ignore it because of fear.

Closed doors are an indication, the old self is dying and your new self is rising,

Most of us is avoiding uncomfortable topics which involved toxic people and patterns in our life. We are so afraid to step out into the unknown. When we have gotten so many signs that it is time to close out the toxic cycle.

Another lesson - When someone disrespects you, devalues you, and betrays you, it is time to cut ties and not give that person access to your life again. You can still love that person unconditionally from afar. But that’s not enough You must also cut ties with the version of yourself that allowed it to happen. This is what we called going within and healing.

See this is where the saying comes from, you are your own enemy. Let's all go within and heal, the world is in trouble, and healing ourselves can help tremendously. We owe this to our future generations, to end the cycle of fear which causes indifference. That leads to envy and jealousy which create control and hate which causes war.

I am ready to let go, God, I am ready to surrender I am ready to close all chapters of fears, judgment, and childhood traumas. Transform my heart, my mind, and my soul. Create in me a new beautiful heart, zest full vibrant soul. I am ready, Guide my path, take control.....

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James Dunn's
James Dunn's
Oct 30, 2022

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