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About Us

The Story behind nine ninety-one Southwest Infinity 

Raquel McKenzie, whose birth name is Veronic Mckenzie, is a motivational speaker, humanitarian, writer, poet, and inspirational journalist.  Due to childhood trauma, she avoided her true calling and went into event planning, before adversity sent her on a spiritual journey. She again ignored her true calling and went into nursing, starting from the bottom, and working her way up. Yet again, another adversity knocked at her door, and she finally realized it was all or nothing. She finally embraces her calling. Through her inspiring story, she is now the CEO of 991 southwest infinity a motivational speaker, a poet, an inspirational journalist, and a humanitarian who has the passion to share knowledge, while learning in the process and empowering others to achieve greater success, regardless of their adversities. Through her own life experience, she understands the struggles that life throws at you. The importance of finding your authentic self by learning how to end the toxic rotation, and embracing who you are wholehearted, believing undoubtedly that you are enough to receive all that is rightfully yours effortlessly. 



Where you starred is not a definition of who you are. Where you finish is… 


Target Goal for 991 Southwest infinity: 


Helping others find their true authentic self.

Specializes in speaking to victims of child abuse.

Domestic violence victims, both male and female.

Helping others find the courage to achieve their limitless success in life. 

Collaborating with future writers and poets to make their dreams a reality.

We work with writers in the following 


Non fiction 

Motivational stories 

And poetry 

We create a platform for poets to express themselves 

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