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I got through it, so can you

My name is Raquel J VERONIC Mckenzie

I am a victim advocate.

I survived narcissistic relationships with a narcissistic parent, older brother, platonic friendships, romantic relationships, and even past co-workers.

I overcame childhood traumas exemplified by Rape, molestation, and mental, emotionally, physical, and spiritual abuse.

I overcame domestic violence

I have healed from Depersonalization anxiety, depression, and unworthiness.

Two thousand fourteen, the universe forced me to take a good look at my life during one of my most painful adversity.

Two thousand sixteen, I decided to start my healing journey. I went through six years of intense healing. No half-assing, no indecisiveness. I decided to rip my pain open, step out of my comfort zone and walk into the unknown alone. I had zero support, but I did not let that stop me. I was tired of living in the shadows. I was no longer willing to play small.

I healed using; mental health therapist, energy therapist, kickboxing, meditation, praying, and fasting.

If I can heal from the lowest form of vibration into the highest form of vibration, I promise you can too.

You are not your circumstances.  It is time you find your unique alley and learn how to be in control of your traumas and not let your traumas control you.

Understand that fear is a lie; it is a misconception and hindrance to keep you stuck in a low-vibration frequency.

Fear is the lowest form of vibration

Confidence is the highest form of vibration

Nothing in life can stop you once you decide this. You are in charge of your life. Only you can make the first step toward your enlightening.

Just when

When will it end

Since day one on earth


After trials


And lies

Falling down

Only to get up

To fall again

Just why

This is exhausting

Frustrated, dishearten

I've gained victory over them

But then

Another one

Another one

I just can't comprehension

I've become stronger

A balance between

the black and the white

Is there any release in sight

I must be royalty in my highest self

Training for something

Other than myself

Because these trials

Are not normal for the self

I became compassionate but cold

Detach but courageous

Fearless but trustless

I am a warrior - affirmative

Just when will it end?

Just when!


© copyright 2023

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James Dunn's
James Dunn's

Thanks for sharing, amazing read and deeply inspired. Looking forward to seeing more.


I look forward to your rising. You will help millions. You are strong, victorious, and a true warrior. Love ❤️

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