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twenty-twenty- two

It was not for nothing

Twenty-twenty-two was the most transforming year for me.

Transforming pain into power

Transforming fear into confident

Closing many, many doors with certainty.

Elevating from a low vibration frequency into a higher vibration frequency.

Taking accountability for my response and actions. I am very grateful for this year. It was the dopest year for me.

My uniqueness is my greatness, and this year I embrace it unapologetically.  My gratitude of infinity to the creator of all things.

God, I want to take a moment to praise you. I want to take a moment to thank you for leading my path, guiding me, and protecting me. I am humbled. May your praise continue to be in my mouth.

“There is always a way out of every situation. There is always a way out; you can overcome life challenges without hurting others. Mind your business, do not listen to nasay and the gossip. Stay focused, stay decisive, and keep your tunnel vision on the finish line. Be an inspiration to others, not a distraction. “

Low vibration

Fear is the lowest form of vibration.

Fear is covered in - insecurities, self-doubt, gossip, lies, indecisiveness, envy, jealousy, and betrayal.

High vibration

Confidence is the highest form of vibration

Confident is covered - unconditional love for self, decisive decision, compassion, support, unification, respect, humbleness, etc.

“Who you are from within will spill out into the world. “

Never be embarrassed by your darkness. Without your darkness, you could not; you would not be able to find the light. Embrace your darkness with compassion, and never judge it or condemn it. Your darkness is a part of you; it is you so is the light. Find a way to balance out the two in harmony.

In conclusion

The world is in trouble because of the

abandonment of our spiritual self. Most of us, like myself, were taught that spirituality is evil.

Therefore, most of us abandoned the core of self unknowingly. We become accustomed to the ego, worldly things, religion, and jobs, as our identity. Which leads us to follow what we were taught as normal. We become accustomed to judgment, separation, and segregation. We normalize first-class, poor-class, and middle-class classes, races, and genders as a means to devalue and hate each other. We normalize division in religion; we debate about which religion is right and wrong, which causes hate, anger, and war. None of

this is of God; zero, we are lost in an identity crisis. Most of us are stuck on a lower vibration frequency. In truth and honesty, no religion is better than the next. We are all spiritual beings from different worlds here, traveling on an individual journey to the same destination, which is called "self."

What journey we take to our destiny should be an individual choice. We all have our blueprint for activating our uniqueness, which gives us the access code to our greatness.

“God is not a religion.”

Thank you

For everyone that helped me heal, knowingly and unknowingly, thank you. The part you have played in my life was meant to be played. You did your part amazingly-my gratitude of infinity. I could not and would not have been this far if it was not for your teaching.


Best wishes for twenty twenty-three, and May all your wishes come true.

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