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Healing Ourself

© Copyright

Raquel McKenzie

You have to believe in yourself, to activate the self. You have to know that you are worth it, you are enough, and be grounded in that. The first order of business is the self. It is hard work but it is the most important work.

The truth will set you free but first, it will break you.  You are going to cry, you are going to want to know why. You are going to search the internet, social media, religious teachers, spiritual teachers, and philosophy. But the answer you seek is within. Only you can set you free.

Do not run away from the pain, and do not find things or others to distract you from it. Sit in the pain, and cry if you must to clear away the illusion.

Sometimes you just have to let go.  Just turn off the television, the social media, the religion, the gospel, spirituality, the books, and the opinions of others.

Stop talking, stop doing, and if you can stop eating. Let go of astrology, and numerology Don't even check in on anyone, and welcome your intuition to flow.

Just shut it all down. Just let go, go into the darkness, close your eyes, and just stay there for an entire day or three.  Just let the unknown flow into existence.

Darkness comes before light. The truth is within, the truth is there your intuition will guide you toward the light.

You are the truth, you are your light, and your uniqueness is the way. You cannot activate your higher self without finding yourself and that is my opinion.

No one is coming to save you but yourself. Finding yourself in a world ruled by ego is hard. It will take a lot out of you. You are going to have to die an ego death foremost. It is going to take a toll, you might stay in darkness for a while.

You will lose a lot, you will no longer want to gain the world, and lose your soul.

Spiritual teachers are only here as guides. We have seen the darkness, we have walked through our hell and killed our ego using our uniqueness. We are here to show you how we did it. We are here to guide you and ground you into your authentic self. We are not here to plant seeds of fear. We are here to show you that your individuality is your guide to “the self.”

Healers are here to reveal the energies that are holding you hostage. We can clear it but you and only you must maintain it.

Note to self

You are not a religion

You are not a job

You are not your culture

You are not a race

You are not your parents   

Watch how the universe moves in the essence of pure nature. Nothing is of fear, nothing is of control everything flows in its season.

Whatever you plant you shall reap that is a universal law.


Here we go again

History is repeating



All over assumption...

Oh how we hide our pain inside

For we are yet to heal

That which we hide

So we project it

On those who seek to raise

Are we not yet tired

Of the darkness, we hide inside

Projecting it on others

For we fear the power we hold within

Healing is inevitable

To end those karmic cycle

Matching energy has to end

Ego death must be...

Will we continue to project

Our reflection

Then call it a sin

Repeating history...

Let that sink in…

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