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Repeated Cycle

A toxic familiar spirit or familiar energy in my experience continues to show up until we decisively heal from that specific experience. The energy frequency we send out knownly or unknownly has to come back to us.

( balance karma)  your life changes when your energy changes.

Have you every noticed the same experience keeps popping up in your life, in a different environment with different people?

You keep saying why me, why everywhere I go people keep treating me this way?

#Example: “I am such a good person yet  people keep betraying me .”

The question you must ask yourself is what is it that I need to learn or heal or remove from my life but I am not aware of or able to apply it to my life?

Everything is about “The self.”

Your energy is your most expensive possession.

so my question is - are you betraying yourself in some way?

Betraying oneself can come from people pleasing, giving away something you truly wanted  just so someone can like you. Neglecting your self-care. Finding it hard to spend on yourself.  Feeling guilty saying no or keep saying yes when you truly want to say no. Not setting healthy boundaries in fear you will lose people from your life.


Having people in your life who do not value you is a betrayal of yourself. It is okay to lose people to maintain Mental peace of mind.

You are worthy to be loved and respected

You are worthy to have amazing people in your life.

Start putting yourself first.

Start loving yourself.

Start making “YOU” your priority

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