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My Healing Journal from Once Broken to I am

Ebook $5.99

Hardcover $20.99

Paperback $15.99

“Notice the moment you decide to believe in yourself. When you feel with every cell that you're worthy and deserving. Instantly your dreams are closer within reach.”

  We have all gone through something in our life that shuddered our confidence. We might have fallen many times, yet we are determined to get back up. Life's journey teaches us to be resilient. Every adversity spells victory, it's all about your mindset not about the fall.

Life challenges are there to pave the way on your Journey to the authenticity of the self.

The story of my life will never be built on a foundation of hurting others, manipulating others, or taking people, things, or possessions that were never mine to get to the top.

My journey will be about being victorious over all my childhood traumas, breaking the

generational patterns stepping out into the unknown. My journey will be about “the one” who brings victory home to herself.

What will your story be? That answer is entirely up to you.

You are worthy - believe that

You are abundance - feel that

You are a warrior embodied that

Believe in yourself and know without a doubt that you are your most important priority.

No one can save you or assist you in saving yourself until you are genuinely ready.

Again the frequency you send out will come back not what you are pretending to be.

What will be your next move going forward?

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