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Updated: Nov 2, 2022


I Refused

I refused

To be abused,

I refused

To be the victim of hate

I refused

To accuse

Or be a part of society

Who hates because of race

I refused

To settle for less

When I know I deserved the best….

I refused

To gossip about others

When I need to look within

My closet

I refuse!!!

I have one of the quietest and most humbled exteriors, I am easily underestimated and devalued or discarded, by the wrong people. My interior on the other hand is the complete opposite. I am not the one to play Russian roulette I rather play chess. I am the most unique person there is, and I own it unapologetically.

I refused to allow anyone in my life who is coming with half ass intentions, unhealed, or has no love and respect for themselves. I refused to allow anyone in my space who do not know or who refused to express themselves because of ego. I deserved to be loved and respected correctly, and whoever does not want to do so, is okay, but they are required to exit my life. My mental peace of mind is more important than keeping up with society.

Pour all your energy into yourself. Master the art of emotional control and never argue with anyone. Speak your truth when you need to. You are not here to make friends, you are here to make a difference. Do not chase, yell, nag, or act crazy for anyone, your energy is too important.


from twenty-twenty-one to this year, I was getting bullied online and was being stalked in person. It got so bad I was getting phone calls and texts from my number. I even have other people calling me, insisting I just call them. I insisted I did not, and they would send me screenshots. I would send back screenshots proving that I did not. Until this day, I have my phone on airplane mode. I had to deactivate all my social media the entire twenty- twenty one to early this year.

I found out who started this, but I never approached this person. I used my discernment, gathered evidence, and find ways of protecting myself. This is all over a lie this person told on me, but approaching this person would be a waste of my energy. This person did not care, it was his aim to destroy me, all because I choose myself. You have to read my book to see the extent of what happened. These were people I did not know until this day.

Why did I get bullied?

I know my worth

Because I am unique

I live in my own bubble, and I mind my business

I am spiritual, not religious

I love nature and at the time I could not afford a house in nature, so I made my apartment feel like nature. How these people know this I do not know.

The moral to the story

The moral of my story is, their target was to make me go crazy. I did not, I used this adversity to elevate and continue on my healing journey. That was my best revenge, to elevate so high.

Your best revenge against those who betrayed you should be working on yourself. Do not match their energy, you are better than that. Matching someone’s energy that hurts you, will be you continuing a never-ending toxic cycle. Rise above that and continue to work on yourself. The best revenge is rising above pettiness. The higher you rise those toxic people and places will fade out of your life.

Do not wait for an apology from anyone, it will only keep you stuck Do not stay stuck wondering why, find the blessing in each lesson.

My lesson

My lesson was staying grounded in my authenticity, regardless of who was coming up against me. Loving and choosing myself, like I promise my inner child, I would.

My blessing

I became a better version of myself. I started following my spiritual path. I started believing in spiritual warfare. I wrote my book, I own who I am unapologetically, and more. I was stuck because of fears, this life lesson gave me the power to unstuck myself. I realize my power in the presence of my enemies, I find rest.

Protect yourself, if you are a victim of online bullying, document everything.

If you must report it.

Do not go through this alone, get professional help

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