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It's On You

We become the energy around us. Protect your energy. Sometimes the way we feel is the energy projected on us. Know who you are and know when something doesn't feel right. We are not our parents, we are not a religion, we are not our job, we are not society. We are power, fine yours, within the essence of your uniqueness, you activate your power.

We do not talk much about our spiritual selves. We fear being judged, judge me, but I am making that change.

I have no problem walking a road less traveled.  Well, to be honest, I have been taking the road less traveled since birth. Therefore it is my birthright to continue. God has been hiding me in plain sight even from myself for so long. My veil is lifting and I am beginning to understand, why my pilgrimage was filled with hardship.

Let's chat

The more we heighten into authenticity, isolation is required. The reparenting, unlearning going back home to our higher self, and the creator of all things.

The most rewarding feeling is becoming and demonstrating our authenticity.

Was it easy? No, but our resilience soul pushes us here, hence.

We had to take off those masks, which pissed a lot of people off. Doors closed on us in every single direction, the more we set healthy boundaries.  We owe no one a damn thing but ourselves. At the end of this journey, we will look back and understand. Our life, our decisions, and the road we chose to proceed along were on us and only us.

The validation of others, the judgment, the gossip the lies must not stop us! Work in silence, you do not need validation from anyone but yourself. Only you and you alone have to live with those decisions. Make sure those are your decisions and not others.

Reminder;closed doors are an indication the old self is dying and the authentication of new see is rising.. ( celebration )

When we remove negative people and families from our life, we will begin to grow in ways we never imagine. Protect your energy at all cost.

We had to kill those egos we formed while living in survival mode. We had to walk alone, because ninth-nine percent of the people in our life was mirror karmic. We had to closed doors on family we love dearly temporary or permanent. Some will elevate with us and some will not.

Ending journey

Ending a journey with people or family you know since birth is not easy. It will evoke guilt, and sleepless nights, remember why you started your healing journey. Their journey with us has come to an end, set them free without judgments. There was time when they were our mirror, we understood the assignment and chose to heal.

Life goes on

No matter what happens in our  life, life has to go on. Life did not and will not stop for us.

Here is a harsh reality

Having an abusive childhood is not an excuse for us  to hurt others or ourselves. Hurt people hurt people, needs to stop.  We are deserving of an amazing life. We are wordy, let's kill the self-hate.  We are required to heal and embrace our greatness.

Let's talk about childhood concussions

We grew up with parents or family members who were broken. Family members who did not take the time to heal, because they truly believe nothing was wrong with them. Or they were not wordy, so they live putting others on a pedestal.

We grow up with parents or family members who criticize and judge everything we did. We got into trouble a lot because of their fears, not ours. We grow up thinking we have to be a perfectionist. We become indecisive, over-thinkers a procrastinators. At what point do we recognize our toxic behavior as a desperate need for validation from these same abusers?

What happens to us was wrong, no one deserved to be treated that way. The validation, the apology we were waiting for, will never come. If we keep waiting for those apology we will stay stuck. We have to show up for ourselves and heal. Let that generation pattern ends with us.

Do you think, anyone is coming to have you?

Hmmm, no!

Here is the truth; no one is coming: you have to get up and pave your path.  Everything is on us. Choosing to be happy is on us, choosing to heal is in us. Choosing to walk away from a dysfunctional family to work on ourselves, is on us.

Choosing to stay stuck is on us

Choosing to stay in a victim mentality is on us

You have the free will to do exactly as you please. No one has the right to judge you. No one has the right to tell you who to marry, and what religion to be a part of. No one has the right to judge what job you part taken in, how to dress or what to believe. You however have the right to choose what makes you happy regardless of the consequences. Whatever you do in life, be kind and gentle with yourself.

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1 Comment

James Dunn's
James Dunn's
Oct 30, 2022

in total agreement, however, can you give us detailed tips, on how you got through these moments. I know you are a strong believer of originality. I respect that also, but by showing us how you do it, might give us an idea

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