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I Dare You

How you feel about someone and how they make you feel are two different situations.!

If you are treating someone with respect and admiration and they are treating you disrespectfully and insignificantly, I assure you there is a problem, and you have the solution. I don't care who that person is. Choosing yourself is the ultimate test. I dare you to choose yourself, even if it means losing someone you value but never value you.

I dare you to believe you are greater than your circumstances.

I dare you to acknowledge your worth

I dare you to love yourself

I dare you to believe in yourself

I dare you to rise regardless of your adversities.

I double dare you to forgive yourself

I dare you to be unapologetic about your uniqueness

I dare you to be unapologetic about speaking your truth and stay decisive.

I dare you to demonstrate your worth.

One day you will testify, and your testimony will save lives because what you have overcome is unheard of. All the blockage was stocked up against you. You were written off, underestimated, and kicked to the curve. Yes, you, your testimony will save lives.

Your path is clear now

Rise up

You didn't come here

to stay stuck.

You came here to be victorious

Sure, life had beaten you

Take advantage of you


after challenges

Had gotten in your way

Now you are stuck and that's  okay.

How long though will you stay hidden,

lying to yourself that you are not good enough?

Your path is clear now

Rise up

The world is waiting

in anticipation.

You are worthy

You are enough!

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