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Free Will

To me messing with anyone's free will is the biggest consequence. The biggest karma you will have to repay.

It is important to respect everyone’s choices, even if it breaks your heart. Everyone is here to live life for themselves, not for you. Let people choose who or what makes them happy.

You should never run after anyone or beg for anyone's attention. Why would you want to hold anyone hostage who does not want to hold as such?

The truth is love is free and you should always set love free. That's how much you should love yourself and others. Allow others to choose their happiness. Allow yourself not to be selfish or try to control another person's destiny.

Forced love is not true love, it is infatuation at its finest. If anyone wants to leave let them go, without judgment or resentment.

We have free will and no one should force their lifestyle on us as we should not on others. We were all meant to be free and not to be controlled. Holding someone responsible for how you feel is wrong. We as individuals are responsible for our own choices. At the end of it all, we as individuals have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Stop making people feel guilty for living their life as they please. Stop forcing your lifestyle on others, what makes you happy, is not another person’s happiness. If you get offended because someone’s lifestyle does not align with you, heal.

You are strong because strength is all you have in life. Let go of all the fears that have been lying to you for years. controlling another person's destiny is wrong.

Every failure comes with an important lesson our soul must learn to elevate to the next level. We cannot escape that, how long you chose to stay learning that one lesson is on you. Respect others as is and embrace your truth without fear.

You can stay stuck or wake up and be the one who wakes others.

The importance of healing

If you feel the need to get professional help, do so unapologetically. This is your life, no one else's. Your decisions are personal for your own self-growth and happiness.

Controlling others because of your fears of attachment, envy, and jealousy is wrong. Embrace those toxic feelings then understand why you feel that way. Then set those unhealthy feelings free without judging yourself. There is no such thing as a perfectionist, therefore, we are allowed to make mistakes. We are also entitled to heal from what is keeping us stuck. Healing is never-ending but you should not consume yourself with always healing. Free your mind and let whatever comes come. If whatever comes is not healthy, do not feel guilty, just learn how to set healthy boundaries. If you feel uneasy learn how to release it, always without judgment. Respect your past without regrets, stay confident in the now, and approach your future with only positivity.

Finding myself

Taking off my public mask and embracing my truth without fearing the consequence of others’ judgment.

It's not over even when I win, I will continue to win.

I found my authenticity and I own it unapologetically!

The way I do things is not weird, it's not stupid, nor crazy. I do things my way, not society's way. I was not meant to follow the crowd and I was meant to show others it is okay to be unique. I follow my heart by doing the right thing as a decent human being. People may not agree with my free will personality but that is not my business. I will not be caged or held hostage for what I believe in.

Growing is never-ending but we should not obsess over self-growth, trust the process.

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1 Comment

James Dunn's
James Dunn's
Nov 01, 2022

Totally agree, messing with ones free will causes depression. You are always arguing because you find yourself wondering , why are here. energy is real and feeling force into anything causes pain, argument , abuse etc . So yes I would call it the worst sin

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