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You Are Who You Have Been waiting For

From my healing journal

What you believe about yourself, determines who you are, it is that simple. It is not about what others think of you, it is not about the validation of others. The show of your life starts and ends with what you believe about yourself.

Stand in your power

I am honestly not embarrassed by the things I went through in my life.  It may be gossip and slanders for you. It is an absolute testimony

for me. I have nothing to hide, I am proud to tell my story, in hopes it can save someone. My destiny, and my purpose are embodied in healing others by telling my story.  As I rise like the eagle I am, I stand. As I rise from my adversities one by one I stand.

I am victorious!

I am power!

I am untouchable!

I am Unbreakable!

No one’s validation can no longer change who I am.


So my darlings, close those doors that no longer serve you.

Toxic family

Toxic jobs

Toxic friends

Toxic places

Toxic habits

No one should project guilt and shame on you, just to keep you stuck in a negative pattern.

Close those doors, embrace those pain, feel every ounce of them, then set them free without judgments.

Everyone has the right to walk away from what is keeping them stuck They have the right to walk toward what will give them a mental peace of mind.  Everyone has the right to know no one can make them happy but themself and it begins by following their own path.

The path of alignment requires you to walk away or accept the doors that no longer serve you to closed. It is time for elevation, those who are no longer in frequency as you, will be removed quickly. Trust the process, whatever comes welcome it, whatever goes let it with love and blessings. Whatever leaves your life was once on your previous frequency, so show compassion and love.

Accept change, be open to new things and new  people. Often times people you do not know will treat you better than people you've known all your life. You may be blocking your blessings! You cannot find success in your comfort zone. Step out into the unknown, I promise you , your success and happiness is waiting for you.

End notes

I have spoken my truth and I am  living in my authenticity. I am no longer accepting inauthentic people in my life.  I will continue  to build and put the work in. I will leave behind a legacy for my generations. I am ending generational patters , I am ending karmic cycle. It ends with me, factual facts!

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