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Introduction To My Healing Journal

Updated: Jan 10, 2023


By Raquel McKenzie ( Veronic)

Devour your fears, or let them devour you.

Fear is a liar; the more you entertain those lies, the longer you stay stuck. Start entertaining the warrior you are. My spiritual journey was not an easy one. I failed numerous times before I could make it to my authentic version of myself. I am forever growing, forever learning, with humility and gratitude. I give gratitude of infinity for all that I was and am becoming, leading to the authentic version of self.

This is the uncut raw journal on how I heal. My healing experience was brutal; it took years to achieve what others believe was an overnight success. Follow me on my journey while I share what I felt was most important in hopes of helping someone to use their ashes to pave their healing path. Real-life experience can be crazier than fiction.

Your healing journey can sometimes feel like a setup. Some days you feel like you just got run over by a truck. As if your unhealed version was not bad enough, keep going, and do not look backward. Do not believe the lies fear is trying to amplify. Your authentic self is required to live the abundance of life.

My healing is personal; I had underestimated myself for far too long. Therefore, my comeback is unique. I am returning for everything; I thought I was not wordy about having.

Here is something to reflect on, something that can help your healing. Everyone we meet is us. There are either lessons to be learned or a version of us that need to heal. Or time to self-reflect and completely close chapters to reconnect deeply with who we truly are. The time we spent waiting for an apology prolonged the ending. Which prolongs our new beginning. In actuality, the apology we were waiting on was the apology we failed to give ourselves. No one can forgive you until you genuinely forgive yourself from within (make sense?)

I've learned not to ignore or run away from difficult emotions. I welcome them closer to me. To feel them and understand them with compassion before releasing them without judgment. This is how I heal myself, not by living in denial but by going through the process.

I was neither taught consequences nor compassion as a child. I was just born with an intuitive soul. There is no excuse to hurt yourself or others because of childhood traumas. Free will is given to all. With each free will, there are good or bad consequences that you cannot escape.

Thank you for taking the time to read my book of poetry and inspirational words. This book is the journal of my healing journey of finding myself. During my healing, I realize we are all unique, and no two-person healing journey will be the same. On your healing journey, you will find the blueprint for yours.

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