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Intense truth

Beginning note

Focus on your purpose...

Always be true to who you are, and be authentic, no one can replace that. They might replicate you, let God expose that. You are original, own it unapologetically.

Do not surrender, do not break better days are coming. Believe it, feel it and trust your gut instinct you are deserving, you are enough. No one can stop you, no one can take what belongs to you. Not even you can stop you, you can delay you, but you can not stop yourself. See at some point, you will start believing in yourself because you have no other choice but to.

So, Darlings,

You are the superhero, you have been waiting on. Your uniqueness is your magic when you

are in your authenticity of self, you activate your power. You are the most important person in your life! Not your job, not your religion, not your partner, not your parents not even your kids. It's time you act as such!  You are what you see in the mirror, what you think in your head. What you feel, is what you are manifesting into your reality.



Challenges, betrayals, and those judases are a part of life. They show up without an invitation, you can not stop them from happening. You can learn how to handle them. Your childhood traumas, your bad relationships, and your bad days aren't an excuse to disrespect, devalued, or hurt anyone. Your bad experiences are no excuse to be destroying other people.  We all struggle, and we all fall, you can either let your challenges define you or elevate you ( free will)

It is not okay to judge someone based on money, status, class, or race. You never know who God sends to help you. The God I know always hides his chosen ones in plain sight. ( let that sink in)

Do not judge anyone's choice when you were never on their journey. You never endure their pain or their glory. Not everybody has the

same values, the same goals, or the same heart as you. Respect others as is, without judgment.

We are living in a world that lives on ego. Where hate is celebrated and genuine love is questionable. Never doubt your gut instinct. You are not crazy, you are not weird Your

Energy can pick up on bad vibrations. If something inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.


Never let anyone devalue or disrespect you, I don't care who they're or their status in society. They are not better than you, and you are not better than them. You are required to value yourself and cut them off.

End note

I've fallen many times, but I always get up. Some of my falls, however, got me stuck in fear. No amount of therapist or energy healing could have gotten me up. It took that one adversity, that one betrayal of judas's kiss to get me unstuck. Today, when challenges come I chuckle because I know it's elevations time.

Knowing thy self is essential to your life journey.

Believe in the impossible, and trust the process.

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James Dunn's
James Dunn's
06 nov 2022

you are definitely unique and wise

Me gusta
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