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Energy Is Everything

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Energy is everything!

Religion calls it spirit

Science calls it energy

The street calls it vibes

The importance of healing ❤️‍🩹

“You can end toxic relationship, environment, jobs. But if you do not heal the energy that attract them, you will meet that energy again. Different places and faces same energy”

The best thing I ever did for myself was to cease worrying about the opinions of others. That was the moment I walk into my authenticity and demonstrate it. That was the moment my energy changed.  Change your thinking, you can change your life. It begins in the mind.

My best relationship

I need God, in every direction of my life. God is my ally, therefore, no weapon formed against me can prosper. God will always lead me to the right path. I will always trust the process, I will always believe in what I feel not what I see. God never changes, he is the same yesterday as is today. He is decisive, he does not give counterfeit therefore he will not accept anything but authenticity.

Let's talk about energy

Focus on your energy first before the physical. Your energy is everything, what you attract into your life is based on the energy signal you are sending out, knowingly or unknowingly.

Believe a person's energy not their words. The importance of living into your authenticity of self. Take off those gash darn masks and walk into who you truly are UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Let go of the past, you no longer live there. Stop living in the past because of guilt. Regardless of your past, you can walk into your light. You are wordy of change, you are wordy of becoming your higher self.

You are wordy of becoming that high-value man or woman, it is written in your DNA.

Let no one hold you hostage to your past. Stand tall and own all your mistake and used them to help others. David had a past but he was still favored by God and so many more stories in the Bible. Why haven't you stood in your power yet?

Energy, tells who you are before you introduce yourself.  Energy never lies, you can feel when someone is loving towards you or envious. Trust the energy you feel, and know when to walk away or when to embrace. The people you are around can either block your energy or elevate it.

We can change from negative energy to positive energy!

I do not care about anyones past, that is not an excuse to keep you stuck. Get out of your head, and let go of self-hate and the validation of others. Yes, people from your past will always see the negative things, do not let that stop you from rising to your higher self.  Closed doors that no longer serve you, and make way for the new.

Do not let anyone including yourself hold you hostage, to your past! Make peace with your past and closed that door decisively!

Start surrounding yourself with positive people and watch your mindset change from limited to limitless. Watch your confidence grow into the powerful you. Be around people who celebrate you, challenge you, and call you out on your bullshit. Be around people who do not and will never enable you.

Start today by

Stay away from limited beliefs

Stay away from attachment

Stay away from controlling & manipulation

Stay away from gossip

Stay away from judgments of other and yourself.

Stay away from envy & jealousy

Stay away from indecisiveness

Do not entertain negativity

Do not be obsessed with revenge or karma ( let it go) trust the process.

Do not live in the past

Close doors that no longer serve you

Believe in yourself wholeheartedly

Learn how to manage your anger

Go within and heal

If you are easily angered , get triggered or fear the validation of anyone.

go within and heal the energy/ spirit of anger.

The energy/ spirit of impatient,

the energy/ spirit of insecurity and fears.

You are power embrace it.

Free your soul

Do not program your mind to

“When I get this I will do that." ( limited belief)

but to “I will now.” trust the process

Meditate or pray or do both

Move your body

Go sky diving or not 👀

Rock climbing

Road trip

Travel the world

Just do what free your soul.

To each it’s own, just free your soul

Everything is energy/ spiritual, you are more than what you see. What you eat, what you entertain what you believe. Protect your energy because you will become the energy you are around. What you focus on you will get more of.  Do not complain , what you consistently complain about, you will get more of it. Show gratitude for all that you have right now.

There is power in what you say

I do not match the energy in any environment, I  create  it.

I cannot be held down, I cannot be stopped not by any bad situation.

Bad times do not define me, it only realigns me to my higher self.

I am done being around people, who are petite, ungrateful, envious, and self-hating.

I am done saving relationships of any kind.

I am only entering people who value me.

Who appreciate my presence, who celebrates me as I do the same.

I will never again give my energy to anyone or anything negative.

I will no longer wonder why, how, and when.

I will not persuade anyone to like me or define me.

I will not clear up any gossip said about me, I will leave it to God, I trust his process. See, when someone is set out to destroy you. There isn't a darn thing you can do to stop them. Move out of their way, by exacerbating. If  somebody's sending you negative energy, don’t entertain it. Do not send anything back to sender. End the cycle permanently by Sending  them love and compassion, they  need it. Responding with love will keep you in such a high frequency, they will eventually fade from your life permanently.

I can not and will not make myself fake nice anymore! I would rather sit pretty and alone.

I have space for the right people but I am  not rushing to fill them, I am trusting the process

End note

Never let anyone abusive behavior change the kindhearted person you are. Yes, let it be a learning experience/ lesson to set boundaries. Never change the amazing empath unconditional loving person you are. The world is in trouble and it needs our energy to vibrate high.

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James Dunn's
James Dunn's
Nov 06, 2022

Wow, this is an amazing read

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