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You answered, didn't you?

You cannot wait for others to forgive you for you to start walking in your truth. If you do that, you will never start. People will always try to dig up your past. Be the first to own it with compassion and forgive your survival version. You did what you did at the time you know how. Forgive yourself and move forward toward your authenticity.

”Without your darkness, it would have been nearly impossible to find your light. Do not be ashamed of your darkness or hold on to guilt. Your darkness is an essential part of your self-development.”



Releasing perfection 

Accepting I AM 

Accepting this world for what is 

No judgment, just love as is



You answered the call, didn't you? 

Everything begins to fall, doesn’t it?

What you thought you knew, you didn't. 

Now you walk alone 

Because nobody understands it. 

Your strength is fantastic. 

You are becoming authentic.

Your craziness was always your uniqueness. 

Now you get it? 

Yes, now I get it. 

Baby, you got this! 



When you answer the call to take on the path of spirituality, you are no longer in charge of what lessons come next. You are only in charge of how you handle them. That is where you will find your strength. You are going to have to learn to let your weakness sink in. And execute them with silence, not revenge. 

Never react when the enemy onslaught. 

A time will come for everything and everyone. 

Humbleness in the presence of your enemy is a hard one. One you must accomplish effortlessly at that. Never crumble, Never waver, Neither must you crawl.  Stand tall, stay still, and trust the army from within your wall. 


All the plans you had while in your ego will crumble. You must step out of your way and trust the process. 


Your attachments will be dealt with accordingly. 


Your self-doubt, self-worth, and self-love will be addressed bluntly and directly. 


 Your feelings will not be skimped on; strength is required. 


At the end of this journey, all your fears should be dissolved, or you will go back to do it all over again. 

Do not delay the inevitable. 



“ Tears are power 

It releases 

It rejoices 

It compromises 

Tears are power.” 


“I am not a part of anyone's journey; I am just an observer, not a spectator. I can only use your experience as an influence or a discernment but never for judgment.” 



“I didn't lose 

I've learned 

I did not rot 

It didn't make me bitter 

I elevated. 

I transformed 

Sure, I fell  

Broke a few egos 

That kept me stuck 

But I eventually got up 

I got up! 

Out of my rut 

The pain helps me to release 

To forgive 

To find peace 

I did not lose anything 

I gain leverage 

Over my egotistical knowledge 

I did not lose 

I learned. 


It was never for anything.

Not even “I” can stop success.

 I am up next!

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