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Updated: Jan 10, 2023


The core nakedness of self

Your first true love is with yourself. You are required to commit to yourself. Be vulnerable, be bold by removing that public mask. Show up for yourself, and never break a promise you make. When you keep breaking promises, you stop respecting who you are. You start resenting and hating everything about you. Your soul becomes tired, and anxiety and depression become the norm. Reveal your mystery boldly that connects the bridge to your path. It becomes easier once you find and accepts yourself wholeheartedly.

Not everyone will understand your journey; that’s none of your business. You have to live your life for your purpose. You are not here to prove to anyone why; you are who you are. Stop wasting your energy on insignificant things. Courage is continuing your path, even when misunderstood. It might be a hard decision for you to make, leaving people and places behind. The decisions you make will be a decision you and only you will have to live with behind closed doors. You were not meant to be regular; you are a unique soul. Your mindset is different.

You were not meant to be understood by everyone. Those who were meant to understand you are waiting for you. They cannot find you living under a mask. To attract your tribe, you must become genuine and authentic to vibrate that energy back to you. The energy you send out will return to you; energy is everything.

Familiar spirits

Let’s talk a bit about energy. Energy is everything!

Religion calls it spirit

Science calls it energy

The street calls it vibes

I believe energy and spirit are two different entities. I believe you need the energy to activate the spirit. Does that make sense to anyone?


It will help if you protect your energy to control what you attract, and it starts with your mind.

Your energy tells who you are before you introduce yourself. 

Energy never lies.

You can feel when someone loves you or is envious. Trust the energy you feel and know when to walk away or when to embrace. The people you are around can either block your energy or elevate it.

You are the protector of your energy.

If something or someone doesn’t feel right, walk away. Do not fear offending Anyone, do not fear being judged. You and only you will have to deal with the consequences of not listening to your intuition.

Do what is best for you before anything or Anyone, and you can never go wrong. Observe the energy you attract daily because that is the energy you send out.

If that energy feels like familiar toxic spirits, it is. You need to heal that version of yourself to stop that energy signal. Heal by removing that version of you. Until you heal that version of yourself, those familiar spirits will continue to find you. In different places and faces, close that cycle by going within.

Heal, release that mindset, and open your heart to be receptive to amazing things. Meditate, pray, get deliverance, mental health therapist, or energy therapist. What you decide to help you on your healing journey is all up to you. Getting professional help will help, but the final decision is what makes you comfortable.

Your relationship with yourself will attract the same lifestyle to you—the people, the environment, and the money. You are so essential and wordy of amazing things.

Become self-aware

💜If you are in any relationship, whether a job, romantic, platonic, or family, and you cannot be yourself, it’s time to leave. 

💜 If you are still around, Anyone with abusive behavior and continues to dismiss your feelings. If they continue to devalue you or blow off your feelings as insignificant, it is time to walk away.

❤️ Anyone who makes you feel guilty for choosing what makes you happy must go.

❤️If you are afraid to speak your truth because you fear losing them. It would be best if you embarked upon your healing journey.

Stop accepting fake love because you fear being alone.

Take off those fake masks you are wearing, and trust the process. Your energy will vibrate; it will signal to attract what is rightfully yours. The missing pieces to your life will fall in place once you take the lead. Trust the process!

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