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One On One Mentoring

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  • Online Meetup

Service Description

The core task of healing is to become the true authentic version of self. What is success to me – happiness An authentic self does not mean perfection; it means becoming the core of whom you are and demonstrating it unapologetically while honoring and respecting others in the process. How others might have treated you, was not your fault, yes it was wrong. What you must not do is stay in that place of fear and victim mentality. Take your power back today! Your uniqueness is your power- embrace it. Understand, that people will talk about you regardless of what you do. The target goal is all about choosing yourself regardless of the opinion of others. What others think and say about you, is none of your business. It is a definition of who they are. What you say about yourself is, because you are manifesting your thoughts into reality. No one can take charge of your life for you, not religion, not society not even your family. Everything you do is on you, only you know you. Therefore, the judgements of others is none of your business. Your life journey is on you and only you! Why do I want to help? Based on my own experience, I understand the difficulty of starting the healing journey. With no support system. I wanted to start so bad, but I was paralyzed by fears, anxiety, procrastination, and judgments of others. I wish someone would have help instead of judging, but their words of negativity Would only push me deeper into self-doubt, depression, and a feeling of I was not good enough. And those who surrounded me, only used my kindness to their advantage. So I stayed stuck in a repeated cycle. Does that sound like you? I will help you to find the professional help you desire. To get you started on your new journey. Whether it be: 💜mental health therapist, 💜Energy therapist 💜Housing 💜Health care 💜Learning a trade 💜Going back to school of any sort 💜 Or other services I will help you find the services you need to start your healing process while supporting you emotionally. Where you start in life, is not a definition of who you are. Where you finish is. Your past excuses are none of my business, helping you achieve and paving a pathway to your future is. I will show you, how to bring balance to your life, but I will not do it for you. I do not sugarcoat, nor will I be an enabler, but I will give emotional support with compassion and unconditional love.

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