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The story behind and this quote .

Negative energy can only help you not destroy you. It

can elevate you, stop listening to the mass. Find out

Who you are at the core, so you can know how to

proceed in your life.

For me going back and forth in any situation, only

prolong a cycle. That Is unacceptable for me, I want

nothing from my past to linger. I Do not want to see

my past again. Therefore, I must end the cycle by not

entertaining them, but by healing from them.

Yes, you will feel it, but know how to use it and

transmute it into your elevation. Send noting back to

senders, take that energy, go within and heal what

attracts such nonsense to you, in the first place.

Get it?

It helps you heal faster, by identifying what is holding

you back or keeping you stuck. By healing that, you

end a cycle permanently. A cycle that could not be

healed without that negative energy. We were

unaware of that specific trauma that was holding us

back. That trauma that creates fear.

Now you get it?

The betrayal and Judases were meant as a shake-up

from people places and things that no longer serve

you. We need that shake-up in our life to strengthen

us and unstuck us so we can elevate.

In everything, there are good and bad. Train your mind

to find the lesson, which can become a blessing. I am

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