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Who Feels It, Knows It.

It is okay to be angry at those who cause you traumas. It's okay to kick and scream, it's okay to cry out loud, cry In silence. However, when no one is listening.


Eliminate yourself from the equation, and venture out on your own.

It might feel scary, others might call you ungrateful even foolish.

You cannot heal.

You cannot elevate

You cannot have mental peace

Staying stuck around those who keep projecting their traumas, insecurities, and demons “ON” you.

Eliminate yourself from the generational pattern

Eliminate yourself from people pleasing

Eliminate yourself from a low-vibration atmosphere.


Time for me does heal my traumas, absence from those who harm me and continue to do so, does. I cannot heal in the environment that broke me.  I can identify the root of the issue, then start my healing the best way I know.

I know in due time, I have to forgive, I have to let go and never look back. To cut all ties from those low vibrational energy. I know leaving genuinely on an energic level means victory for me.

There will come a time when you will not give a dam.

A time when you stop talking

A time of mental peace

A time when choosing you is your most important task.

A time after all the hard work victory is all you see.

Keep healing, the road to healing is not easy but it is worth it.

Self-love is how we are doing, going forward.

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