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Who Are You?

The true essence of the church is found within oneself, rather than within the confines of a physical structure. To unlock the kingdom of God, one must undertake a personal journey of self-exploration. This path must be walked alone, as external influences cannot provide the ultimate truths. Any distractions from this inner quest must be eliminated from one's life. Every individual we encounter acts as a guide, leading us back to our authentic selves. These guides may manifest the qualities of various spiritual figures, both positive and negative. Congregations gather to acknowledge the presence of God and His power. Putting on a facade of holiness in church, only to discard it elsewhere, is a betrayal of faith. Just as God does not deceive us, we should not deceive Him with false appearances. Our mission in this earthly life is to uncover our true selves. Upon reaching this point, we must embrace and ground ourselves in our authenticity. It is possible that we may lose those we once believed we knew, and that is a natural part of the journey. Discovering and embracing our true selves will lead us away from the repetitive cycle of karma on “This Earth.”

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