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What is your truth

On your healing journey, follows your script. Healing is about “SELF.”

“Astrology is a map to discover our hidden potential, overcoming and ending toxic behavior. A tool to gain our hidden power, not a map for prediction. “

For example, my Lilith Is in ~ Aries at 7* 43

Lilith in Aries is very impulsive. In astrology, Lilith represents rebellious, independent energy.

I had to learn how to deal with situations by communicating healthily instead of having impulsive anger and just knocking someone out and calling it a day.

Going through this healing process, I had to isolate myself from troublesome people. I had to master the art of grounding myself. I had to learn to use my rebelliousness and impulsiveness more compassionately.  I knew my temper and how dangerous I could be when provoked. I never wanted to see that side of me again, so I chose to heal.

Learning about myself and what makes me tick was the most powerful tool. My darkness led me toward the light.

Follow your truth, it is within you, not outside of you.


I am not my father

I am not my mother

I am not a religion

I am not a society

I am not God

I am an extension of God

I am my higher self

I am my gatekeeper

I am my ancestors

I am my spirit guide


I can sense it


I can't help it

Energy is changeable

Prophecies are inevitable

Understand when someone speaks

The power comes from



Staying grounded and


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