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We all have greatness in us

“I speak the truth

One, you didn't have the

Balls, to speak.

I am the black sheep

Who healed and became

The narcissistic worst nightmare.

Try me if you please!”

You can still make a beautiful life for yourself after many years of abuse, mental illness, and or childhood trauma.

Do not mistake repeated patterns as your fault and a hindrance to prevent you from healing. Do not allow guilt and shame to seep in and delay you from your greatness.

Those repeated patterns are traumas you need to heal. You need to get to the root of the issue. Heal, make peace with your past, and move forward.

It is okay to cut toxic family members out of your life and never give them access again.

You are going to have to teach yourself how to choose yourself. Teach yourself how not to break promises to yourself. Teach yourself to say no and be okay with it. Teach yourself how to love yourself.

You can survive after being raised by narcissistic parents and older siblings. You can survive as the black sheep. You can become the abuser's worst nightmare.

Train your mind to stay balanced in your emotions. I didn't say it would be easy, but it is worth a try. Remember feeling is not real, but it is reality.

Your attitude determines what comes next in your life life. You owe yourself the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

I did say this world wasn't without chaos, but that is outside of us.

I didn't say negative force won't come up against us. I said go within and find the calmness of your rhythm and elevate from negative things. I didn't say you have to be positive at all times; sometimes, negative thoughts will seep in. Train your mind to call your energy back in time.

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