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We All Have Equal Access

God is not a religion

Jesus Chris is not a religion

You are not a religion

The definition of religion is a set of organized beliefs, practices, and systems that most often relate to the belief and worship of a controlling force, such as a personal god or another supernatural being.

There is nothing wrong with having a religion. Do not make your religion an identity of yourself.

What makes it right for anyone to force their beliefs on you?

Free will is the greatest gift from the creator of the universe. It is also the biggest consequence when you try to manipulate another person's destiny. Don't believe me? Get your pen and paper and write down every generational pattern, mindset, and repeated pattern; tell me where they come from.

We need to celebrate each other journey instead of being envious and jealous. We all have equal opportunities for our success. Jealousy and envy are both hindrances to self.

Let people go without projecting guilt and shame on them. Let people go so they can find their authentic selves on their terms.

Let go of your fears! Fear is the lowest form of vibration. Fear is a lie; stop believing lies. When operating on a low vibration frequency, you are easily accessible to dark entities.


On your journey to the self, never neglect, avoid or be ashamed of your darkness. It is a part of you; own it, accept it, heal from it, then set it free with compassion. You cannot kill your darkness, nor can you kill the light. You need your darkness to find the light.


We are all on an individual journey heading to the same destination. A destination we call “SELF.”

We are all unique; our uniqueness is the blueprint that leads us to the activation of self.

Knowing yourself - is the essence of having an amazing human experience.

You are not your ego

You are not your job

You are not your parents

You are not society

You are not your significant other

You are not what anyone projected on you.

You are only “YOU.”

No one can validate, direct or tell you how to live or be happy. Those that do so are a hindrance to your self-development.

The world is in trouble because of the amendment of our spiritual self. It would help if you nourished your spiritual self to have a productive temporary human experience.

Let this sink in 👇

Body - destructible

Soul -indestructible

Body - is provisional

Soul- your Divine Self

Everything from within must be in alignment

YOUR- attitude determines what comes into your life next! Not religion, not your job, not your society - just yours...


What you do for others to see has no moral standing. The energy behind your intention will be the reward you reap.

What frequency are you vibrating on?

Do not project - lower vibration

Do not accept - lower vibration

Do not redirect - lower vibration

Ignore the whole existence of that negativity.

Elevate high by creating positivity.

Vibrate on the frequency of self-love

Vibrate on the frequency of self-care

Vibrate on the frequency of abundance

Vibrate on the frequency of self-worth

Spiritual warfare

Our only mission in life is to be authentic; ever wonder why the people on their spiritual path are attacked the most, especially by spiritual warfare?

Spiritual warfare is sadistic, and you will get attacked by many opponents at once. Most of the time, we are attacked by familiar energy. Though the people and environment might differ, the pattern is the same. These are tactics the lower vibration entities use to keep us stuck. To be victorious over this experience, you must understand it is not the people but the spirit attached to their energy.

You cannot fight or end this cycle by the flesh. It would help if you fought it from a spiritual aspect. In my opinion and experience, to end this cycle permanently. You can not send it back to the sender; you cannot play tit for tat. You are only intensifying evil. It might justify doing so, but the reward of elevating higher comes with the renewal of my spirit. I don't know about you, but riding with God instead of my ego is way more rewarding, both in the spirit and flesh.

You must go within and heal the energy that continuously attracts this experience. You must let go of that version of yourself that no longer serves you.

You have elevated from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. You have to move from being the unevolved self into the evolved self.

Once you align with yourself, you cannot miss the creator. He is all about genuine. Your soul is not evil; your soul is balanced. Your soul is in alignment with the creator.

What I have learned

There is no one greater than the creator; every blessing and every gift came from God. God works through us to help elevate this world into an alignment with self. God will not work through you if you are not in alignment with yourself.  Your mask will not do.


What if

Our purpose here is

To activate the core of self

So God can work through us

Not outside of us.

The ego is an illusion

Which is why it consumes us

What if

We are on the devil's playground...

To win, we must surely live from within

Fear is the devil

Confident is God


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