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Validation is the biggest hindrance to self.

One of the two biggest mistakes comes from talking too much. The other comes from not following your gut instincts because you fear how others view you.

A few weeks ago, I was coming home from a business meeting with a few business acquaintances.   We were all on the A- train. My gut instinct told me to get off and take the C-train instead. I turned to my acquaintances and told them I was switching to the C - train because I had a gut instinct to do so. They look at me strangely and decline. I came off the A, which was express, and waited 1 minute for the C, which was local. I was self-aware of how confident I felt about making the right decision. I did not care about anyone’s validation or reaction. I made it to Penn Station, only to get a notification that the A - train I came off was delayed because of a disruption on the train, and police were called to the scene. My business acquaintances were all stuck for over fifteen minutes.

As we advance, my business acquaintance sees me as extremely intuitive and wise.  Going forward, I respect myself more, and my confidence level elevated. All because I trust my intuition and not the validation of others.

We are all on a journey to the self. On that journey, we will be tested. We can pass the test and elevate or fail the test and repeat the lesson.

What experiences taught me

I have learned through experience to move with intention. Move with purpose, move strategically, and in silence. No one is coming to save me until I pave my path and save myself. Then my true tribe will gravitate toward me. I have learned never to lower my energy to be around anyone; they must elevate their energy if they want to be around me.



Hostility is so much

Mental chess is required

To defeat all their vicious desires

Silence is a very powerful weapon

Used it at all costs against


Know their energy

Then act accordingly.

Know they self

But never show yourself

in the presence of your enemy.

Learn the craft they taught you.

Use it to be victorious

Never to be overthrown

Your enemy is your greatest teacher

be modest and grateful for them

Through their teaching

You find your greatest strength.

You can never stop success

Once your confidence is grounded

By Raquel Mckenzie

© Copyright 2023

My book - My healing Journal, From Once Broken.. To I AM

Will be live on all online book store very soon sorry for the delay.. 🥹 will give you the date once my publisher does.


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