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Living in the unknown is an amazing blessing. One of the hardest you may have to work to accomplish. We grew up in a society that teaches us that material things are of the utmost importance. Materialistic things are important survival tools needed to survive. Your spiritual self is way more important.

You have to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to have a better physical life.

It is very important to believe in yourself, know who you are, and be decisive in your emotions to bring home victory.

There are different levels to your energy. Low vibrations stem from fear ( hell) high vibrations stem from confidence ( HEAVEN)

Sometimes we have to turn off social media, television, and other people's opinions and then go sit with ourselves in nothingness and just listen.

The unknown is where you find everything not in fear. Letting go brings such a blessing while holding on beings so much fear.

Meditation Prayer, and fasting when done correctly bring such awesomeness. When I use the term  “correctly” I Don't mean following others but going within to find your unique way.

I truly believe we are heading to the same destination which is “ the self.” I, however, strongly believe we all have to take our individual path there. We cannot seek validation from others to get there. Opinion is okay but in the end, our decision is the only way.

So if you want to take religion there go ahead, if you want to take a less conventional way go a head if you want to build your path heck go right ahead.  Just do no expect others to take your path unless that is their free will.

Too frequently we mess with others' free will convincing them that it works for us and that it is the right way for others. That is so far from the truth.

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