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The New World

Updated: Jan 29

Your Prophet of untruths

The fakeness

The misconception

Is hidden in his eyes...

Many will lose hope

When the truth arises.

Guilt will fester among many…

Fear was their biggest demise.


The veil hasn't even been lifted yet

From the vessel that the Divine

Has chosen to spread light

Across the ocean

Between the seas

Above the sky


Even beneath


The veil will be lifted


The Divine will finally speak.

Through the vessel of the chosen one

We are chosen every single one of us! But only a few are chosen. The ones who decide to step out of the box and set out on a journey to the self make them the chosen ones.

He chose to lead…
A teacher is supposed to lead you back to yourself not away from yourself.

The truth has yet to be revealed and when it is accomplished it will send shock waves across the globe. There will be a lot of pain, and a lot of people even leaders from all religions will be numb, to the truth. For a brief moment, there will be a loss in humanity. Then the rise of the new world will begin, where empathy, equality, and compassion for all will be a new heaven on earth.

This event will bring people together from all races, classes, and religions. A new leader will rise, he/ she will not be a political or religious leader. He/ she will be a leader of “THE SELF”

This peace will continue for many years to come.

We cannot fight anger with anger
We cannot fight hate with hate.

Our energy is our most valuable possession protect it from lower-vibration entities. Entities such as hate, gossip, Slanders, and lies.

When others hurt us, even though we have every right to hold on to such anger and contempt we must elevate fighter out of that lower vibration.

To end a cycle - we have to be willing to kill the ego and elevate our energy higher, not matching energy.

Is it easy to do?

Oh gosh no, it is hard, so hard, this will be one of our hardest fights, the elevation of self.

Is it worth it?

Oh gosh yes, it is the most rewarding accomplishment.

I believe in alignment, not luck.

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