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The Game Called Earth

There is this game called Earth. Once you purchase it, you become a part of a system.

Therefore every single player who purchases this game has a higher self. They also already have everything they desire.

This is why they desire those things while playing this game.  It's already in existence.

The creation of this game is outside of the system. Experiencing the system through the players. (The creator lives within the player- therefore there is no separation between the player and the creators - universe) Some rules come with this system. It was created before the players entered and can never change.

The creator does not necessarily get involved because the players are given free will.  The players were also made aware of the consequences of their actions good or bad. However, when the players have worked to elevate their energy in this game with confidence, belief, self-love, and self-respect they're rewarded limitlessly. On the journey in the game t, the players have to eliminate people-pleasing, low vibrations entities such as gossip, slanders, lies, guilt, shake, etc. There are countless opportunities to re-establish the self.

Of course, some choose a more difficult level to the game, through bloodline, karma, or life purpose.

The player can however connect with the creator of the game directly, through prayers, meditation, and tasting through angels or ascended masters. Depending on their beliefs internally or were taught outside of themselves.

The players have control over their lives in the system. To get out of this system of repeated cycles ( reincarnation ) the player must connect with their higher self.

The players do have free will, however, because they were taught ego when they started playing the game.  Applying what they need to break out of the system is very, very hard to do.

In truth, the players will have to understand that all players that purchase this game are going to the same destination which is “the self. However, to get there the players all have to go within to find their individual blueprint. A very very hard journey all because of the ego.

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