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Self - Growth

Healing is hard work, is it?

Do you ever want to just stop talking to someone because their energy isn't aligning with yours? But you can't just move on because you got issues letting people down, because of guilt?

Then, Start your personal growth

Self-growth requires us to cut off any version of ourselves that allows others to disrespect us. We can not just cut off those people, we must also cut off that version of us.

We need to stop going back to people, places, and jobs that do not value us. Until we learn to value ourselves people will continue to disrespect us.

Know your value, feel your value and apply it out loud daily, in your action.

Your journey is yours do not let the opinions of others stop you. No one will understand why you are changing, self-isolation and it is not for them to understand.

You can not, and you will not please anyone and that is okay. All the hard work, the sleepless nights, the declaration. All the shadow work, healing the inner child, reparenting, learning. All those scorching pain from the soul you had to ensure, it was all you. It is time to stop playing small, you are powerful. It's time to wear your confidence out loud.

Personal growth is important, you set boundaries and enforce them. Regardless of the consequences that follow.  No one and I means no one can prevent you from elevating to your highest self. You will become alert to the importance of your energy. You will recognize and feel in your gut when some people do not deserve to be around you any longer. You will no longer feel guilty cutting people out of your life and that my friend is power.

It doesn't matter how much you love some people, you will know when it's time to walk away and love them from a distance. Protecting your energy is very important.

People can block your blessings. Avoid a person who gossips, who never supports you, celebrates you, or compliments you. people who just continue to take and take but never give, a person who has a nasty attitude, who blames everyone but themselves. A person who finds it hard to apologize, an envious person a person with a lot of bad luck.

Unconditional love does not mean you should tolerate any kind of abuse or disrespect. That gut feeling is your intuition learn to listen when it speaks. Do not let them walk all over you, Show them your worth in your action.

Work on yourself, and disappear if you must. They'll think you fell off, but the whole time you were just charging up.

Here is a bit about my healing

My path wasn't easy. I  got judged for what I overcame. I was judged by people that were supposed to support me. My growth made them uncomfortable. It did not break me however,  it strengthened me, and activated my power, which I didn't realize I had. I healed what I thought was impossible now I am attracting all that is rightfully mine.

Please understand

Anyone who isn't elevating on the same frequency as you will disaffect themselves from you.

( closed doors are an indication, that the old self is dying and the new self is rising)

Those who are aligned with your frequency will be. drawn to you perfectly. During transformation, it might get lonely a bit. You are purging out old outdated energy, to welcome your elevated energy.

Trust the process.

You are attracting your tribe, just wait and see how amazing it will be. Having people around who celebrate you, respect, and adore you. Relationships that are about equal give and take:

When your intuition, God, or your higher self tells you to close a door, close it. That door is blocking access from your new beginning.

With your personal growth, you will see how amazing life become. Everything will start to appear in your life in the most spontaneous ways.

Healing is hard work, but it is worth it! It


Take baby steps, one day at a time. If you fall, promise yourself to keep getting up. Tell yourself every day.


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