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Seek God In All Things

Please make no mistake; we are living in a wicked world. Trust your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, it isn't. Walk away from people, places, and things because your intuition says so. Let them call you crazy; what you must not do is wait for confirmation, as it might be too late.

You will be amazed if I tell you how much time I followed my intuition, which saved my life. Only to find out five months later that I was correct; I would’ve died by them. I am so blessed to be so divinely protected that God has prevented harm from coming toward me.


In my sentiment from my experience, everything begins with your spiritual self before the physical.

Knowing who you are and having a one-on-one relationship with God is essential.

Any person or organization that teaches you to bully manipulate, control, lie, gossip, or even kill an individual because of their opinion, their director, cannot be of God.

Any person or organization that teaches you to separate, judge, or hate a person because they choose a different religious organization or belief other than yours cannot be of God...

This is what you call fear, to control what they do not know. Or it can be based on envy and jealousy, which is dangerous.

When you have a relationship with the core of self and God, you will never find time to judge, gossip, be envious, or be jealous of anyone. You will never see anyone as a competition or threat.

You will understand that we are all unique and here for different reasons. No two people's journey is the same. What you are successful in will not be what another person is successful in. Therefore, knowing who you are in your authenticity, you will genuinely support another journey.

The God I have come to know is an unconditionally loving God. He is a God of free will; for every action you take, God already knows the consequences of its activity. He will not stop you from making whatever decisions you decide, nor will he prevent the good or bad effects.

Therefore, before any decision, I seek God first. I used my discernment, not other people's opinions. Yes, I do respect the views of others, but at the end of the day, my discernment will have the final say.

Many of us identify with the religion, society, job, race, or class we grew up in, but we are none of those. This is where we get lost in ourselves and create a fake identity unknowingly.

A lot of us have a relationship with religion but not a relationship with God or ourselves, which causes many issues in today's society.

Most of us abandon our spiritual self, the essential part of us. We have no idea who we are. We seek validation in our job, religion, people materialist things. Then we go around wondering why we are so unhappy.

Don't get me wrong, choosing a religion and living in luxury is okay; I will accept nothing but luxury in my life without guilt. Choosing to heal, becoming the core of self, and having a one-on-one relationship with God is the best decision I've ever made. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Before any religion, before a spouse, the job seeks God first. Finding God, you need to find and love yourself. Everything starts with the self.

When you have a loving relationship with yourself and God, you will have the ultimate respect for every human being on this earth. You will respect others' free will without judgments, gossip, and lies.

Your parents, your relative, your society, and your friend's religion is not your religion.

Your parents, your relative, your culture, and your friend likes and dislike is not yours. We all have individual journeys we embark on. Know who you are, so you can choose what makes “YOU” happy.

Our parents, relatives, or society's even religion. Their job is to teach us morals, self-love, and respect for ourselves and others. They’re not here to enable us but to hold us accountable for our actions. Show us how to set healthy boundaries and stay grounded in them. So we can go out into society and become good human beings. The rest is for us to decide on our own.

What career we choose, whom we choose to marry, and where we decide to go is on us. No one, and I mean no one, is supposed to control, manipulate or make us feel guilt for our chosen direction.

In every decision, we have to deal with the consequences of our actions and no one else.

They can advise us, but if we walk a less traveled road, it is not for them or anyone to discourage us. Sometimes in life, we have to step out of others' ways. Let them make mistakes, get up, and fall again to become a more robust version of ourselves.

Mute out the world for a while, go within and find the core you.

You can abandon your journey because you fear being judged or embrace your unique journey unapologetically. You and only you will have to deal with the consequences of your action. We cannot avoid repercussions, good or bad.

Society, culture, race, first class, second class, or poor class has no moral standing. That is not of God. It can never be.

Gossip, lies, bullying, slanders, control, manipulation, and attachment is not of God.

Impressing others in public for validation while devaluing, hurting, or hating others behind closed doors is not of God.

A lot of us live on the principle that God will forgive us. Regardless of what we do behind closed doors, the spiritual warfare, the bullying behind social media, etc. Yes, God is a forgiving God; he will forgive you with open arms: However, you will not escape the consequences of your actions, good or bad. I like to call it karma, generational patterns, and previous life karma.

Your action affects you and others in your bloodline, or if you did not pay for it in this life, you are coming back to pay for it. Karma does not lose energy, good or bad it's coming back.

God loves you enough not to enable you. God loves you enough to forgive you while he lets you learn from your mistake.

Our parents, relatives, or society's job is to teach us morals and self-love and hold us accountable for our actions. The rest is for us to decide on our own.

Healing is essential, and stepping out of your comfort zone is too. When you have been abused all your life, you stay in the vicinity of your comfort zone. You will always see yourself as the problem. Walk out of that comfort zone. I promise you will find yourself. It won't be easy, but it is worth it.

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