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My Inner Child

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

My inner child,

I apologize

for forgetting about you.

Neglecting the things

we did not get to do...

I was surviving; that was all I knew...

I was afraid to remember the pain

That was inflicted on you.

I did not want to feel.

I did not know it was the infection

to my overthinking, people pleasing

Overworking, sabotaging,

everything that seems too good to be true…

I promise to unleash the playfulness

Self-love and boundaries...

carefree, mysterious child...

I will bake cookies with you...

often look in the mirror to say I love you.

I will no longer fear decisions.

I will go skydiving as often as we can.

Rock climbing, take the lesson to play the violin.

I will dance to the music all night long

I will always choose you…

My loyalty will be to "self."

Our healing journey will not be easy.

I would not choose to do it with anyone else

My inner child, you are so wild…

The bold risk you take is so courageous,

So amazingly strong.

we will walk barefoot in the park

Without fears of strangers’ opinions…

Walk in the rain, travel the world

I promise to make you my top priority...

I could not protect you as a child...

Now I can…

My inner child did not have a happy childhood

Here is the chance to do all the things

We wish we could…

I will give you affection,

I will love you unconditionally

We will become the authentic version

Of ourselves…

We will make mistakes with no apologies

it is a part of life.

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