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It all begins from within

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Everyone we meet is actually us. There are lessons to learn, heal or a test that the time has come to

completely close that chapter.

The time we spent waiting for an apology, prolonging the ending. Which prolong our new beginning.

In actuality, the apology we were waiting on, was the apology we failed to give ourself.

The compassion we failed to give ourself. No one can actually forgive you, until you genuinely forgive yourself from within (make sense)

Nothing can happen without our consent. Whatever happen outside of us actually was manifested from within us firstly. (make sense)

Most of us grow up and was never given the

opportunity or responsibility to deal with the

consequences of our actions.

We grown up causing pain to others and ourself with no remorse or apologies. Instead we play the victims , self hate and revenges games.

The ego is the hardest to dismiss and the bridge that separate us from our true authentic self.

No judgement here mostly compassion for those who fear dealing with their past. It can not be easy, to do what was never taught.

I've learnt not to bypass difficult emotions, but to

invite them closer to me. In order to feel them and they feel heard. This is how I heal them,

not by denial but by processing

I was neither taught consequence or compassion as a child. I was just born that way.

There is no excuse to hurt yourself or others because of childhood traumas. Free will is given to all.

I am forever growing and forever learning.

How about yourself?

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