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Higher power

My sole intention as I embark on my journey of healing is to align with my higher self. This path has been incredibly transformative, allowing me to emerge stronger from every challenge. At this point in my journey, I am learning to trust in the guidance of a higher power, relying solely on the presence of God within me. I understand the importance of clearing my inner world from external influences in order to tap into the divine power of the holy spirit residing within. Recently, I was prompted by a higher force to disconnect from social media and television for a specific period of time. This period of isolation has led me to a profound inner transformation, where I am discovering the wisdom and insights that reside within me, untainted by external opinions. I have been urged to document this journey, although the reason behind this directive remains unclear to me. I surrender to this process, letting go of my ego as I embrace the path laid out before me. Today’s date marks the beginning of this significant chapter: 7/5/2024.

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