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Speak with passion

Speak with peace

Speak with clarity

Feel it

Understand it

Know it…

Then watch as it manifests around you.

Speak your truth with authentication, not perfection.

Vibrate that energy into the atmosphere

Whatever energy you send out, It must come back.

We have to care about what or who we attaract. We are living in trying times. Some group of people will build you up, just to tear you down when you do not bounce to the tune of their beat.

If they're hurt or have a view of something, you must be on their rhythm or they will campaign to destroy you.

Some groups of people project their negative behavior on others. They project their emotion onto others instead of going inward and healing on an individual level.

They would rather take you with them. Because how dare you not follow what I believe. I build you so since you are not going along with my inner projection I'll just make your life a living hell.

Be careful who is building you up, check their energy and how they react to those who oppose you. There is a difference between loyalty vs morality.

Do not entertain their projection of pain onto others or stay silent when they are destroying others, claiming to show their loyalty to you. Cut them off swiftly and fast, stand your ground, and speak your truth.  Do not gain the likes of this world just to lose your soul.


And we stay in that victim mentality

Living in tranquility...

Are we not doomed

To the mentality of our own slavery?

Show me the history of this

Repeated wrong…

Are we not tired of the same

Repeated cycle

Stuck in the darkness

Of material pleasure

Are we not tired of the repeatedly cry

Asking why history

Is repeating before our eyes.

Have we not been here before

In different lives

Same soul

Different energy


Crash -


The pain we hide

Are we not  allowed

To give ourselves permission

To rise...

Disagree to agree


Build me up

Just to tear me down?

No, thank you!

I'll fix my own crown…

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