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Trauma presents a dual nature, offering two potential paths for those who experience it. The individual has the agency to choose which direction to follow. One can either allow the darkness of trauma to guide them towards the light, or they can remain stagnant in the shadows, isolated and alone. It is important to recognize that no one else can save you. Even if someone offers guidance and support to steer you towards the right path, it will be futile if you are not ready to make the necessary changes. Ultimately, the mindset shift required for true transformation can only come from within; external influences can only do so much. One must genuinely desire change on a deep energetic level for it to manifest. Merely going through the motions or pretending for the benefit of others will not yield true progress. It is crucial to shed all masks – whether it be the mask of innocence, the mask of validation-seeking, the mask of unworthiness, or the mask of people-pleasing – in order to embark on a genuine journey of self-improvement. This process may take time, but it is essential to embrace it wholeheartedly. By identifying and confronting the negative spirits that may be influencing your life and lineage, such as the spirits of premature death, jealousy, envy, gossip, or lies, you can begin to cleanse your spiritual house. Avoiding this inner work in favor of temporary gratification is unwise, as these negative energies may resurface with even greater strength. It is crucial to engage in spiritual warfare, armed with prayer, fasting, meditation, or any other practices that resonate with your essence. By confronting these negative spirits at a deeper level, rather than engaging with their manifestations in the physical realm, one can truly begin to transcend and transform. Remember to focus on the spirit itself, rather than the individuals it may use as vessels. Stand firm in your spiritual armor, ready to combat these forces with dedication and determination.

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