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“I am on a whole different mission, called humanity, equality, and self-respect, by elevating and grounding my energy into my authenticity of self. For what I achieve inward “MUST” manifests outside of me.”

“I am training my ego self to stand down and not be discouraged by what is happening outside of me. The mirror of my delusion must break into little pieces and dissolve into nothingness so my inner being of authenticity can rise. “

Let your discernment, be exquisite in all your way. To master this, you must believe in yourself, you must trust yourself, and above all, you must love yourself with your imperfections and all.  You cannot know the truth but fear making decisions because of guilt and shame. Always remember, fear is a lie, stop believing lies.


“I've been with many devils many times, but each devil taught me how to deal with my demon at all times. Mirror, mirror look at me currently. After many battles, countless falls, many scars, and numerous mistakes through them all I rise with grace. “

Know the atmosphere you are in, period!

Some people will support you to become successful but do not want you to be successful. Learn how to read the energy in the room, but make sure it's not insecurity but assertive facts.

Stop half-assing with your energy. The higher you elevate the smarter the Judases that will come along in your life.  Learn every strategic energy, not the physical one of gaslighting.

Heal those, traumas and fears within and become confident within yourself. If you cannot heal those traumas, find a way to control them, and do not let them continue to control you.

There are Judases on every level and if you are not grounded decisively in your energy, of authenticity, they will gain access to your energy field. Once they gain access, they will make you relapse into a repeated pattern of stagnation.

You have to stay grounded - not wishy-washy

You have to stay grounded even when feeling compassion. Know when to step away, know when to say no even if it means breaking your heart but protecting your energy in the process.

You will feel the symptoms, that the energy is off. You will know, you will just know. Grounding yourself into your authentication is hard, gosh it is so, so, darn hard. Yet it is required to elevate from this place of the ego.

“There is no competition when chosen by the Divine, only pressure. Therefore we are all chosen, yet, only a few are the chosen ones. “

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