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Cutting People Off

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Let your cut-off game be more potent than your feelings.

Cutting people out of your life, forgiving them, and denying them access, is also unconditional love ❤️

You, “YOU,” teach people how to treat you.

(Let that sink in.. )

“You owe yourself an apology for l too comfortable with letting anyone treat you like you were average.”

Why wouldn't you be the hero of your story? Why wouldn't everything turn out in your favor?  You have no idea how powerful you are, do you?

If you are in any relationship - jobs, romantic, platonic, or family.  If you are still around anyone abusive, dismisses your feelings, make you feel guilty for choosing what makes you happy, devalues or manipulates you in any way. If you are afraid to speak your truth, afraid to walk away because you fear their judgments of you. You need to go and heal, so you can embrace your power.

You are deserving of living your authenticity of self. Take off that mask, you are wearing just to please others. While you are dying internally. Anyone who pushes their beliefs on you without giving a damn about your happiness needs to exit your life.

Anyone who manipulates you into guilt and shame to keep you stuck should no longer have access to your life.

You are deserving of genuine love

You are deserving of respected

You are deserving to be loved correctly

You are deserving to follow your dreams without feeling guilty.  Those who love you genuinely will support your decision without judgment or manipulation.

You are allowed to take up space, you are allowed to choose what or who makes you happy. You are allowed to forgive yourself, you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

“You owe yourself an apology for letting yourself get too comfortable with letting anyone treat you like you were average. “

It's time to adjust your crowns, let's do this.

You need to surround yourself with people of high value.  When I say high value, I mean people who will hold you accountable for your actions. People who will call you out on your bullshit. People who will support you in good times and bad. People who will be there no matter what mistakes you have made. They are blunt in your face and still hold your hands while rising again.

For those who judge you for not speaking too much, someone out there feels heard because you listen attentively.

Those who judge you for being too clingy someone admire you for how genuine and loving you are.

Those who judge you for being weird or crazy

Someone admires you for walking a road less traveled. What is negative to another is positive to others.  Never follow the crowd, follow your heart and you will attract your tribes in due time.

You are not too sensitive, you are confident within yourself. Speak your truth, the right people will support you and the wrong ones will make you stronger and more assertive.

Your feelings are valid, get out of your head. Stop overthinking, the opinions and judgments of others are none of your business.

We are all on our journey to our uniqueness. No two journeys are the same. Once we realize this, we will stop judging a man's journey and get out of his way. We are all successful, there is no need to be envious. Live your life based on your vision, and your happiness.

I dare you to choose yourself, even though it requires others to judge you.

I dare you to follow your path, even though others will laugh at you and call you crazy.

I dare you to get out of your head and make decisive decisions, even those it won't be perfect for others.

I dare you to do the shadow work, even those the pain will be vicious the out will be rewarding.

Quick tip I've learned on my healing journey.

You end a relationship of some kind, but the resentment and unforgiveness won't go away. How to cut off that unwanted energy from your life?

Cut off that version of yourself that is in alignment with them.


Write down everything you admire about them and yourself. Now write down everything you dislike about them. What do you dislike about them which one or few of those dislikes do you have? Once you identify what it is you both have in common. Embrace it, acknowledged it, then heal it with love and compassion, then set it free without judgment.  Once you heal that version of yourself. You will be able to cut the tie that is keeping that energy alive between you both. You will replace hate and resentment with compassion. Don't believe me, try it, it works for me.

Most of my karmic soul tie was tied to the judgment of others and myself. Once I stop judging others and myself, I completely end a karmic cycle.

My mother was a karmic soul tie, my brother was a karmic soul tie. I kept attracting people with the same energy in my life. The moment I healed that about me, I skipped into an entirely new cheaper of my life.

Yes, transforming from the old you into the new you. Will get lonely a bit, but that is okay. The old has to be closed out for the new to move in.

Trust the process

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