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Childhood Traumas

If you think forgiving your enemies is hard, try forgiving and releasing your karmic family members who still deny the part they played in your traumas.

However, please understand that forgiveness is for you, not them. It would help if you found a way to release and forgive using compassion. If you do not forgive, you send that energy into the universe, and it has no choice but to return to you.

You can forgive people without ever speaking to them again. You can forgive people without ever giving them access to your life again.

Stop giving access to people who do not value your presence.

The golden child VS. The Black sheep

The narcissistic vs. the empathic

They were both abused - compassion is needed to release and heal.


You cannot heal in the dysfunctional dynamic that broke you as a child if the abusers do not see an issue with their actions. If they are not healing. It is time to leave the cage of mental captivity. Release every single one and move onward.

The time is now, not tomorrow or six hours but now. You cannot heal in an environment that breaks you and keep triggering you. People with no moral respect and responsibility toward anyone's feelings are called a sociopath. People who do not respect your boundaries cut them off.

You are allowed to cut them off.

You are allowed to choose yourself

You are allowed to say enough is enough

You are allowed to say no without feeling guilt

You cannot continue letting the root of your trauma keeps triggering you.

What is holding you back?

That apology is never going to come

Waiting on then to acknowledge their abusive behavior is not coming. If you keep holding on, hoping for change, you will lose out on the most amazing moments of your life.

You know what happens; you are not crazy or imagining things. Stop waiting for validation from your abusers.

For me being the black sheep was a problem. It was my hindrance, my childhood traumas I was too embarrassed to talk about. Every recurring problem was the replicated version of the childhood traumas I was running away from.

When the black sheep decided to stand tall, stand strong, and make light of the abuse that continued. The golden child's reaction is to tell those they abused to move on. It is in the past.

The black sheep is labeled as a troublemaker, the villain. As the black sheep, I accept that title unapologetically.

My advice to every single black sheep. You cannot heal in the environment that breaks you.  Step out of your comfort zone.

Yes, it would help if you faced the root of your traumas, learned how to control your traumas, and do not let your traumas control you. Make peace with your past genuinely, and never look back.

No one can give you a time frame of when and how to heal. Only you have the blueprint for that.

What you must not allow is for the abuse to continue.  You owe it to yourself to protect yourself. You owe it to yourself to remove anyone from your life who no longer serves your highest good.

You owe it to yourself to speak your truth without guilt or fear. Stand strong, do not waver, do not break.

It's going to hurt

When you do not know

your power!

You are going to be empowered when you

Understand who you are.

Knowledge is power.

I don't know

About you

But I love being the black sheep

I am empathetic

I am deep

I see through the illusion

I speak





I don't know about you

My heart is pure

My mind is clean

Moving from the victim

From the wounded

To the healer

Is my most

Accomplish thing


© copyright 2023

3-3- 23 I finally released myself from my karmic mom without guilty. I will always love you, mom. Yet again, I keep choosing myself. 💕💕

I was told on March 7th, 2023 a full moon will be in Virgo. Virgo is in my 4th house. One sweet day I promise myself to learn about astrology.

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