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Capricorn in Pluto experience.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

I spent fifteen years going through the hardest life training, and now I know why.

So happens that Capricorn has been in Pluto since 2008. My higher self was calling me to heal since 2007 but I was avoiding such a thing. The more I keep running the towers kept falling. So, in two thousand and eight, I wrote a book. The title was

“I Got Through It So Can You.”

I just wanted my intution to go away, and I figured if I wrote the book my intution will stop screening and the towers would stop falling. I wanted a quick fix and I thought writing a book would solve Everything.

Here is the thing, the information in the book was truthful but the topic of the book was a lie.


Because I did not get through anything. I had some idea on what I need to do to get to “I AM”

I did not know how to apply it in my life.

I was still scared and I felt it was too late for me to change my circumstances. I wanted to do it but I just couldn't. My traumas were still holding me captive.

I didn't start healing or even know healing was a possibility until tragedy knocks at my door in the most empowering way.

I didn't approach healing until twenty-fifteen after my miscarriage at six months. The pain was too much but the joy I felt during that six months was greater and I wanted greater.

We are now winding down to the end of Pluto in Capricorn, and I wrote a book called

“My Healing Journal From Once Broken To I” AM.

And it is a raw, honest step-by-step healing. I had to do it the pressure from my higher self was undeniable. My book will be finally publishing at the end of March this year twenty twenty-three.

I have my sun and eight house in Capricorn. I don't know much about astrology, but there is something to that. Maybe I will take the time to learn, but that is not my current journey.

My next chapter is based on humanitarian, advocating, and healing myself and others while traveling the world and that is a promise I will not break to myself.

Today I begin the process of pulling my first book off the shelf.


I went into the forest

As I should

A long journey

No-one understood

I was laugh at


Gang up on

I healed alone

I healed scared


I healed correctly


I have conquered my demons

My traumas

My untruths

My self-doubt

My fears

I walked out of the forest


Ready to take up space.

As I should

And healed at that!

It wasn't for nothing

Now I am coming

For everything specialties

I thought I was not

Worthy of.

“There is a time for adversities, a time for healing, and a time for receiving. Everyone has their time. How you handle it determines what comes next.”

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