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Because I say so!

“A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we go within and find ourselves instead of projecting what we hate about ourselves onto others. “

  • Raquel Mckenzie                                             © copyright 2023

99% of the people I met in my unhealed version in this life. I do not want to see them again, in this life or the next. Therefore I am going to make peace with the past. I am closing out every generational patterns I am closing karmic relationships. I am going to forgive you. It is going to happen; I will make peace with the past.  I am going to deny you access to my life, YES. I will not surrender; I will not crumble to unforgiveness. I will not fail to heal in this life because I say so!

When you live in the energy of resentment and hate, you delay the inevitable. When you release that energy, you finally step out of the way for the debt of karma to be paid to those who wrong you.

Our traumas can control our entire life without us knowing. Not everything is a generation curse, nor is bad luck or spiritual warfare. Sometimes it is unhealed childhood traumas. Self-awareness is crucial to identify which patterns they're.


Same old energy

Same old story.

Can no longer block my glory.

What I allowed will continue

I won’t allow

I won’t let it continue.




Your funeral was enjoyable

In my head.

That version of me is dead




My authenticity



© copyright 2023

Raquel Mckenzie        


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