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One of the most dangerous patterns a person who endures abuse as a child develops is an unhealthy attachment. If we do not recognize it early, we carry it into adulthood. We become attached to people who further damage us. I am not a therapist; I speak from experience and life lessons.

Everything that I speak about is what I have endured. I do not speak about things I am inexperienced in. Now let's talk about “YOU.”

Your attitude determines what comes next in your life. Your emotion is the most dominant of them all.

You have to revolve around yourself. The world does not and will not revolve around you.

Your attitude, not the world - your attitude determines what comes next in your life.

You have to train yourself on how to treat yourself. You have to believe that you are deserving and then apply it. Then allow that commonness to be consistent.

What you eat, what you allow, and what you entertain is on you. How you dress, self-care, self-maintenance, and self-love are all on you.

How you treat others is on you. How you respond, regardless of right or wrong, is on you.

How you choose to heal, love, hate, or live is on you. No one, and I mean no one, will collect the reward of your consequences but you.

You are in charge of your happiness. No one owes you anything but you.

You can run in circle, running away from you by projecting your pain on others. It will come right back to you.

Nothing in this world is based on anyone else but you. Focus on you. It is all about you.

“The world will judge you no matter what you accomplish or did not accomplish so live in the energy that was destiny for you. “

Last but not least

Be around people who value you. Productive people Who share ideas. People whose mission is to impact this world positively long after they are gone.


By Raquel Mckenzie

© copyright 2023


Never that stuff

The past is dead

That's what the future said

You are no longer a background


You have transformed into a leader

Fear is a lie, I said

But applying it is a struggle

I had to overcome.

Imminent to pain, said my brain

Fighting to maintain a positive momentum

It is a victory I've learned to gain.

Applying success

Doesn't come easy without stress.

Living in fear will cause despair

Training your mind to convert

From fear to fearlessness

Will take time

Keep going

Keep asserting

Your day is coming

In your timing

Once you believe it

And feel it.

You will receive it.


I am worthy

I am enough

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