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Updated: Nov 13, 2022

What belongs to you will find you once you are vibrating on that frequency. You can’t miss your blessing once you are in alignment. No one can delay what is rightfully yours but yourself.

Stop pointing fingers and blaming others. Take responsibility for your direction.

There is a reason why playing with someone's free will, are the most significant consequences.

Do not force or manipulate anyone or anything to be a part of your life. Love yourself so much and be confident to know what is yours is already in your frequent.

When you become your authentic self, you will lose people, places, and things. 


Because you are no longer on that frequency.

You let that version of yourself go with compassion and nonjudgment.

When you let the past go, you cannot judge it because that past was once you. You have to let it go with compassion. When you think of anything or anyone negatively from your past. You are holding on to the past, which blocks the future from entering. What you are going to connect with is the same familiar energy in different faces and places. You have to make peace with your past wholeheartedly without judgment. Show your past version compassion so you can cut all soul ties and karmic relationships go entirely.

Soul ties and karmic relationships are not only romantic; they can be co-workers, platonic , family, and even childhood friends. A soulmate can be family, friends, co-workers, etc.

One of the most brutal truths to swollen is that sometimes we were born into karmic families. Therefore to cut that old, outdated version of ourselves, we might have to walk away from family.

Be dedicated to letting the version of you that no longer serves you go. Change is hard, yes; I’ve failed it many, many times. Changed is a part of life and is required.

Start becoming unavailable to your past version

Unavailable to validation

Unavailable to distraction

Unavailable to control behavior

Unavailability to expectations

Unavailability to self-hate

Unavailable to what's toxic.

Unavailable to negativity.

Unavailable, to dead cycles.

Unavailable to what doesn't sit well.

Unavailable to what doesn't value you

Unavailable to unchanged behavior.

Unavailable to gossip

Unavailable to hate

Unavailable to unforgiving

You are in charge of yourself! Stop blocking your energy frequency by

Stop ⛔

Entertaining gossip

Entertaining hate

Entertaining envy

Entertaining jealousy

Entertaining validation

Entertaining manipulation

Entertaining bread crumbs

Entertaining What no longer serves you.

Entering devaluing yourself and others

Entertaining underestimating yourself and others

Fear is a lie; stop entertaining those lies fears are telling you.

Stop fearing change

Stop accepting less than

Stop fearing judgments

Stop fearing losing people

Stop stressing about speaking your truth

Stop worrying about being alone …

Stop fearing your uniqueness

You and only you understand your journey; rock it like you are bringing sexy back ☺️

Your fakeness to yourself is a disrespectful!

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