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4th of July

I have a deep admiration for the independence of the United States of America and I typically join in celebrating its Constitution, which is aligned with universal laws of God, not religion. However, given the current issues surrounding freedom of speech, corruption, and the need for equality and justice, I find it difficult to partake in festivities this year. It is crucial for Americans to come together and make necessary changes to uphold the principles on which the Constitution was founded. Until then, I cannot in good conscience join in the celebrations. It is true that embracing one's true self should be a fundamental freedom enjoyed by everyone. In the United States, there is a level of freedom for individuals to express their identities, whether it be related to sexual orientation, religion, or any other aspect of who they are. However, there can be challenges when different cultures with limited mindsets come together, leading to issues like racism and hate. It is important to uphold the principles of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom and equality for all under the law. Those who do not uphold these values should not be allowed to hold positions of power or remain in this country.

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