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The importance of your authentic self.

How is your relationship with your creator?

I am not asking about your relationship with religion, I am asking about the individual, one on one relationship with the creator of all things.

Some of us believe who we are based on our religion, society, our job, or our family validation. We form a relationship with ourselves and God based on those beliefs. We have no idea who we are as individuals. We lock the true essence of the authentic self, which is our soul, which disconnects us from the true essence of our spiritual self.

We look for things outside of us, which gives us temporary fulfillment. Not understanding, those things outside of us is not us. We need to wholeheartedly, go within and find our true selves, which leads to permanent fulfillment.

When we are embodied into the essence of self wholeheartedly, us forming a personal connection with our creator is of most importance, before any religion. Having a deep genuine spiritual life, we have no thirst to gossip, judge, envy, or be jealous of none.

We have the discernment of who you must walk away from without judgment and who genuinely needs help without judgment. Mistakes, Race, class, or religion, will not stop us from being compassionate toward others.

Being religious is awesome, but we must first have an authentic relationship with ourselves, and our creator.

God is never changing; God does not give a counterfeit version of himself. Why would you want to give him a counterfeit version of you?


An authentic self does not mean perfection. Find your uniqueness and own all of yourself without fear.


You have to be the authentic version of yourself, to align with what is rightfully yours.

When you were created, you were created in your authenticity, and so is everything that is rightfully yours. Therefore, what is rightfully yours is not aligned with the fake version of who you are. So seeking it, you will never find it. Until you are genuine with who you are and demonstrate it unapologetically, with compassion.


Once you become the precise self, I guarantee you that everything rightfully yours will attract you effortlessly.

Important Note

It takes hard work to get to your true self. It will takethose Judas kisses, perfidies, and karmic mirrors to help in your transformation into the true you.

The true you is not what civilization or religion say you are, it is the core of you.

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