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  • Physical (the quantity of our energy)

  • Emotional (the quality of our energy)

  • Mental (the focus of our energy)

  • Spiritual (the force of our energy)

Everything you desire is already yours. ( on an energic level) You must be in alignment to attract what is already yours.

You cannot manifest on a low vibration.

Your mind cannot say I am a millionaire but your heart is feeling that you are not deserving to be a millionaire.

Therefore these three must be in alignment 👇MIND- HEART - SOUL

There cannot be a separation between the three.

Separation is an illusion to keep you stuck.

The hardest work you must do is become the authentic version of yourself.

Living on a low vibration such as insecurity, poor eating habits, guilt & shame, gossip, slander, and lies can only lead to unpleasant circumstances.

Living on a high vibration such as confidence and authenticity vibration on a higher frequency.

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