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Core of self

Living with trauma, it will become difficult to live in the core of self.  I know the true me was in there, but bringing it out became difficult. I believed I was not worthy, which was far from the truth. I am so worthy of being my fantastic self. My fantastic self I have been manifested into my reality.

There is no better truth than authenticity

There is no better through than walking your path. Your soul cannot and will not be at peace with you wearing a mask. You have to honor the core of self. You have to live in your truth; there is no other way there just Isn't.

“I manifest healing

Without delay

Once I am in alignment

All my desire

Will come to me.

But I must first heal

From what is keeping me

From believing

I am deserving

I am worthy

I am enough

Once that blockage becomes unblocked

My receptiveness will open

To all that I am.”


© copyright 2023

“Perfect about what?

I am a diamond - facts

Abundance - yep

Supernatural favor - all that

But I was once in the darkest

Side of the track.

I made mistakes - I can admit that

I did revengeful shit- I am unapologetic about that. I have grown and become authentic in who I am. Revenge is no longer a part of who I am that I left to the creator of all man.”

© copyright 2023

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